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Realize Your Dreams with the Right Financial Support

Like anything worth having, your education requires a significant investment. Thanks to Woodsmount's financial aid services, you can lower your costs while elevating your potential—and create the promising future you deserve. An Woodsmount degree is more than just a few letters on your résumé. It is proof that you have a true, in-depth grasp of the skills and knowledge that employers demand. We are committed to bringing you the best financial support to reduce your cost while delivering an education that will give you the highest return on your investment. Owing it to the small class sizes and faculty with industry experience and the right academic credentials—86% hold doctoral degrees—you can improve your capabilities in all the ways that matter.


At Woodsmount University, you do not need to worry about financing your education at your own. We have the trend of making quality education affordable for all. Our student advisors address each case with full dedication.

The whole process is defined in such a manner that our alliance corporate partners, endow funds and grants for certain percentage of students to complete their degree and non degree programs with full bright scholarship or even waive off their fees to lateral payment.

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Get registered with Woodsmount University, pay registration fees along with tuition fees and you will be able to save up to 40% off on remaining fees. This means by only paying 40% of program fees, you will be getting the degree that will boost your career prospects massively.

Once you fill the admission form your case will be referred to the student counseling committee who will finalize your case through screening your educational documents. Once you get eligible for scholarship, your fees will be reduced substantially.

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Whether you are changing your direction or changing your destination, Woodsmount University ensures to help you managing your tuition expenses by accepting the course credits which you have already studied in earlier courses. You will get exemption if you have secured C+ or above grade in any of your previous program. This way your over all time to complete the new degree program will be reduced effectively.

Which means you will not have to study the courses again which you have already completed in earlier programs.

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With the University’s efficient Student Referral Program, many individuals are reducing their tuition fees by referring their Friends, Colleagues and other working Professionals. Student Referral Program at our University is very simple. You pay the registration fees upfront and refer more people to our student advisor along with their contact details and we will help you to reduce your fees massively.

On every successful induction of the person you referred, your tuition fees will further be reduced by up to 25%.

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Academic Scholarship


The criteria of obtaining academic scholarships at CIU depends on grade point average, class ranking and scores on Standardized Admissions Tests (SATs). Academic Scholarships typically have substantial financial payouts, and refer to a certain level of prestige on the recipient.

Athletic Scholarships


Athletic scholarships are one of the most acquired and competitive scholarships available. Students hoping for an athletic scholarship have to demonstrate both a high level of ability in their sport of choice, as well as a solid academic background.

Scholarships for Minorities


California Imperial University awards prestigious to the minorities. These scholarships can be general or specific which is determined as per the nationality, with some being open to all minority students while others are designed to benefit one ethnic group in particular.

Scholarships for Women


There are scholarships specifically designed to benefit women and encourage the itinerary of women empowerment. These scholarships do more than just providing financial aid for college, they can also provide a pathway to women into the worlds of business, science, politics, engineering and much more.

Creative Scholarships


The arts play a vital role in the modern life of United States. Therefore, California Imperial University offers plenty of creative scholarship opportunities that are available for the artistically brilliant students. These scholarships are highly competitive, and eligible students have to present samples of their artwork to be considered.

Community & Military Service


Community & Military Service Scholarships are a wonderful reward for those students who love to serve their communities. If you are a student with a history of community involvement, civic accomplishments or participation in military acts then a scholarship in this principle may be confirmed for you.

Upto 75% Scholarships Available!

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