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Woodsmount University being one of the leading distance learning providers believes in providing enviable benefits and opportunities to its students, alumni, faculty and staff. Nonetheless the executive committee of the university during the pandemic situation and lockdowns feel that the students and alumni who chose non-traditional education as their mode of study shall also get opportunities to earn as ambassadors of the university, unlike students from traditional universities who get on-campus job opportunities to help them manage their finances related to the tuition costs and living expenses whilst their study period.

Now our students can refer their children, relatives, siblings, family friends, co-worker’s children, the standout theatre star, athlete, academic all-star at a local high school, youth member of your church and earn up to 75% exemption and financial aid on their tuition fee along with up to $1000 as a reward for being an Woodsmount University Ambassador in their country. We believe that this program would indeed provide ample financial support to our students and alumni, who can earn remotely by referring students during this pandemic, the university in this reference shall provide complete support and document your ambassadorship in the form of an official certificate, whereas the admissions department shall provide consultancy services to all ambassadors. For more details please click on Live Chat to get further details and register yourself.

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